Juan Manuel Ramos

«Complaining about the government without doing anything to change it is like hoping to heal a disease just by shouting. We have to act.»


Juan Manuel Ramos is a human rights defender and social activist.

For more than 10 years JMR has contributed with his work to encourage the formation of citizens, accountability, the fight against corruption, and the defense of Human Rights.

He founded Redes Quinto Poder, a leading non profit organization at state level, Nuevo León,  and national standard. 

He has created and launched several platforms such as: QueSirvan.mx for corruption investigations, Curul43 for Legislative Transparency, SanLuisito that promotes the rights of Mexican migrants who work legally and temporarily in the United States. He was also the driving force behind the «Nuestros Autos» (Our Cars) initiative.

In 2020, together with people committed to improving their communities, he founded Centro Cívitas, the first space dedicated 100% to educating citizens.

He has also trained journalists, public servants, public and private institutions as well as NGOs in access to information, the culture of transparency, and citizen participation and incidence..

Thanks to the Civic Culture program for university students, he has raised awareness amongst more than five thousand students from all over the country, from the following universities: UANL, TEC, UDEM, LIBRE DE DERECHO, UERRE, IBERO, LA SALLE, UMM as well as others. 

He has received certifications from Harvard Kennedy School on Civil Society and The George Washington University on Social Media and their impact on government.

He is a lecturer and has given presentations at international and national forums and universities.

He was member of the editorial council of «El Norte» a newspaper from Grupo Reforma.


Email: jmr@redesquintopoder.org Phone +52 8121383355,

WhatsAAPP +52 8120276731 NGO Web: Redes Quinto Poder IDEA. 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmrmx/